Mark Bentley - Senior Account Manager

Mark Bentley
Senior Account Manager

Mark Bentley, Senior Account Manager, first began freelancing with Showcall in 2007 as the technology lead for the Pittsburgh G20 summit. His background includes extensive work in IT management, digital signage, stills photography and video editing, as well as cybersecurity sales and marketing. Mark is a veteran of large-scale international summits and events, including the 2011 APEC (DC, Montana, San Francisco and Hawaii), the 2012 G20 Summit, the 2012 NATO Summit, the Dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library, the 2014 Africa Summit, and multiple years at the Halifax International Security Forum. Mark has also participated in over 50 trade shows, including multiple gigs at RSA and Comdex. He developed cybersecurity demonstrations for the Unisys Center of Excellence in Reston and was an event coordinator for the White House’s NSTAC Cybersecurity Moonshot project.

Mark also has experience working with multiple federal agencies like the US Navy, Postal Service, and Department of Justice, several large companies like Coca-Cola, IBM, KPMG and Unisys, and has dozens of film credits including “Wedding Crashers,” “National Treasure,” and “The Good Shepherd.”

Mark holds a B.A. in English from the University of Mary Washington and did graduate work pursuing an M.S. in Electronic Commerce from the University of Maryland. A resident of Alexandria, Virginia, in his spare time, he enjoys photography, obscure old films, and plays guitar and keyboards in a local band.

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