From turnkey design, production and execution of made-for-TV content, to providing pooled host broadcast services, post production packages, mobile applications and webcasting with LiveU, the broadcast team has been a part of some of the largest and most high profile summits and conferences in the world.

The broadcast team is the only entity called upon to provide host pooled services for a sitting US President, that was not a major broadcaster. Our relationships with the major news outlets and their faith in our capabilities has allowed Showcall to provide host pool services to the G8, APEC, and NATO summits. This design includes Showcall’s camera placement, operators, producers, directors, editors, lighting and sound designers and engineers to execute flawless and stunning images and sound for distribution to the international and national media.

The availability of high speed internet has motived many clients to move away from satellite based transmissions and over to IP based content delivery. Showcall sits at the cutting edge of IP transmission having established models for live broadcast that have since been adopted by major broadcasters as a reliable means to push content. Showcall regularly provides design, production and execution of client webcasts and video on demand services as related to special events. Showcall has developed and deployed Information Display Systems (IDS) to large format conferences, summits and meetings as a way to deliver schedule information, directional assistance and breaking news to conference attendees. These geo-aware displays can be customized to display different information in different areas of the conference to provide customized solutions for directions, content and schedule.

LU300e and LiveU Xtender

Utilizing LiveU’s LU300e and LiveU Xtender, Showcall provides high-quality video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency. With the ability to encode in HEVC format at all times, users are able to operate in real-time with extreme low latency and the highest quality possible. The LU300e can serve as a stand alone video encoder, or can be used as a LiveU Data Bridge mobile hotspot for general connectivity in the field. At only 2lbs, the LU300e bonds up to four connections: two LTE-Advanced external modems, WiFi, and LAN.

In extreme scenarios, the LiveU Xtender can be utilized for increasing network reception and additional resiliency for live video transmission in heavily crowded areas, offering broadcasters with existing SNG/ENG trucks the flexibility to use cellular connectivity for both live video performances and remote connection.

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