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Showcall’s Video Wall Event Display Service Will Blow You Away

30 January 2023       Bookmark and Share

Showcall - Video Wall Display

Since 2001, Showcall has served the greater DC marketplace with award-winning audio-visual and event design & production services  The more educated you are about event audio-visual possibilities, the more you are going to like our services. 

Today, let’s talk about a frequently asked consumer question: What are LED walls and what are they used for?

LED Walls are used for stage backdrops, graphic displays, image magnification, decorative stage elements, trade show booths, and many other spaces. They are the brightest, most vibrant option to display content and graphics. One of the most common reasons they’re used is to create an unusual shape or size that can’t be achieved with standard projection screens. LED Walls are just one of the many audio-visual technologies that we deliver.

So, what is it about this technology that is generating so much buzz?  They are brighter, have a higher resolution and deliver a bigger presentation than the typical projection screen or the antiquated "jumbotron".  Bottom line, you deliver a bigger “wow” factor.  Of course, there are countless other reasons and considerations to make about LED Walls. We’re ready to talk you through it all. Contact us anytime here at Showcall!

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