Coronavirus Alert: Events & Meetings

It’s happening: fear and travel concerns are mounting due to the Coronavirus. Business Executives and Meeting and Event Planners around the globe are trying to figure out what to do next. Do we cancel the meeting? Do we postpone the event? The business of business must go on but what do we do? Enter the Showcall Livestream Solution.

Most meetings and events are still taking place but some are limiting international attendees. Showcall’s Livestream Solution can bring the meeting or event to an unlimited audience. Advanced cellular bonded technology allows us to affordably and reliably stream your event to content delivery networks such as Facebook Live, YouTube, or to your website.

No more exorbitant venue internet fees to pay. Affordable and dependable, livestream technology is unilaterally used by all major news networks everyday. High quality and complete reliability!

Do you feel the risk is still too high and want to postpone your event? Consider having Showcall produce a Virtual Meeting/Event. We can design and create an event space on a smaller scale to include guest speakers and content delivery but with little to no audience present. Or, Showcall can deploy livestream directly to your office and drive a virtual event from the safety of your location, often without touching your secure IP network. Hundreds or thousands of “attendees” can participate safely from their home country. Through two-way video and audio streaming, your participants can interact, pose questions, take polls and react to the program in real time.

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