Billie-Jo is celebrating her 20th anniversary at Showcall!

Billie-Jo Gephardt

All of us at Showcall, Infinite Power, MHA Audio, Checkmate and in particular, principals Blayne Candy and Ajay Patil, wish to recognize and celebrate a historic milestone in our journey.

We are proud to celebrate Billie-Jo Gephardt as the very first team member to celebrate 20 years with the company! Having worked for Baltimore Stage Lighting prior to our acquisition of the company, Billie-Jo thankfully stayed on and supported both BSL and Showcall. Through ups and downs, mergers, acquisitions, location moves, historical events and personnel changes, Billie-Jo has remained a trusted and valued constant. She has and continues to be viciously loyal, amazingly candid and exhaustively detailed. Woe to the poor soul who doesn’t heed her direction as many have been left eviscerated by her colorful and quick tongue! Our favorite resident Ravens/Orioles fan is truly the salt of the earth and has and will always be an important part of the Showcall Family.

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